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2001 STOP CANCER Research Awardee Discusses New Treatment for Aggressive Breast Cancer

Richard Finn, M.D.

Research Career
Development Awardee
UCLA's Jonsson
Physician and Surgeon at the
Dumont-UCLA Liver
Cancer Center
Specialty in
Liver and Breast Cancer
In an exciting breakthrough, scientists at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center recently reported an encouraging increase in progression-free survival (or PFS, the length of time a patient is on treatment without tumor growth) for patients with HER2-negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form of the disease. 
In this informative video, lead researcher, and 2001 STOP CANCER Research Awardee, Richard Finn, M.D. explains the positive results of this pioneering study and the possibilities it opens up for breast cancer treatments.

STOP CANCER is committed to funding the most promising and innovative scientists in their early research of all forms of cancer prevention, treatment, cures and subsequent clinical applications. STOP CANCER works primarily with local National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers and other qualified institutions in the United States to carry out its mission.

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